Author John F. Lofton, in his debut book “Mixture”, seeks to expose and examine how blatantly Anti-Christ practices have become subtly, yet homogeneously, infused into the modern Church. Mixture explores the root of how these ungodly elements have encroached and eroded traditional Christian principles and morals. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, with the Tree of Knowledge which mixed both good and evil, John reveals how the plan of the enemy has always been to defile the people of God through various doctrines of inclusion that lower standards and allow the introduction and inundation of more worldly, carnal values to taint the purity of Christian worship.

This book has already been hailed and praised by pastoral counterparts and nonprofit business leaders as being a necessary read for contemporary Christians. It’s practical approach and engaging language is accessible for all readers. Mixture is sure to be an enriching and enlightening addition to your personal library.

John will be!

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