John Lofton is known for his exciting speaking style, his charismatic personality and his creative leadership ideas that captivate everyone he comes in contact with. He has a passion for taking people from wherever they are to a point in life they never imagined they could be. It is his philosophy that anyone that follows him should not only acquire his knowledge and skills but EXCEED him. This style of leadership shows his unselfishness and desire to help others surpass their current situations and mindsets.

He has developed ministry leadership courses and leadership development forums. These forums are designed to improve and/or reinforce leadership principles. In his ministry all the leaders have been developed through his programs. These programs have led to numerous ordinations of deacons, elders and ministers. John has a crazy passion to see men become true sons of God. It is this passion that led him to develop bible study groups for men. As a result, he has seen men become stronger and better husbands, fathers and sons. Although his focus has been on developing spiritual leadership, his messages are definitely motivational and his messages transcend spiritual and secular lines.

The bottom line is this, his infectious and engaging personality has a way of capturing the attention of the most indifferent and non-religious people and having them yearning to hear what he has to say. An engagement with John will be enlightening, exciting, invigorating, and probably the most memorable event you may have experienced in a long time, if ever. Booking John is easy, click on the Book Now link to schedule or to receive more information.