From our last blog, we learned that the 1st Obstacle to Our Faith was “The Yeast of Traditionalism.”

The 2nd obstacle to Our faith is “The Yeast of Secularism.” 

Jesus said, “Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod” Jesus was speaking of the Herodians. They were the group who plotted with the religious leaders as to how they might kill Jesus.
The Herods were a royal family who had flourished among the Jews in the time of Christ. The Herodians were those who followed the Herod family and supported them. The Herodians were “secularists.” They believed the world could be changed by the Herods and their politics and policies. They put their faith in the government and not in God.

A. Secularists believe that Government can solve all the problems.
– Government has all the answers.
– Government has all the money.
– Government has all the power.
– Government has the right to decide right and wrong.

B. We see this prevalent attitude in our society today.
– People turn to the government, instead of turning to God.
– They feel that if they can only get the right political platform then all the world’s problems can be solved.
– People believe the government will take care of our finances.
– People are convinced the government will take care of our crime problem.
– The government should take care of our health care.
– The government should take care of the teaching of our children.
– The government will tell us what is right and what is wrong, even though it may be morally out of balance. 
– The government wants controls over what we can and cannot preach.

Secularists believe that Government must make our decisions for us because we are incapable and/or incompetent of making them on our own. But Jesus said, “Watch out for the yeast of the Herodians.” Watch out for those disingenuous political pundits who we only see in our communities during an election year. Watch out for the duplicity of government officials who think it is acceptable to have an affair and keep the office they vowed to honor, all for the sake of pride and not principle. Politics should be driven by Godly principles and not the other way around. Can you feel me?

Stay tuned for Part 3!!

By: John F. Lofton